Disney Nit Picks

Please don't hate. Love Disney but there are some things that need to be pointed out.

July 3, 2013 3:27 pm

The Lion King

This is one of my favorite Disney movies.


  • There are so many puns in this movie.
  • Does Simba not pick up on Scar’s sass?
  • How did they not see Scar standing on the rock above them after the hyenas? He wasn’t even very far above them.
  • Wait… Where did Banzai’s scratches go?
  • “ And where do we feature? Just listen to teacher.” That is such a forced rhyme.
  • Where did all those hyenas come from?
  • So now the mountain is a volcano?
  • Aw. Scar’s so against father son things. You can see it in his eyes. What happened to make him that way?
  • Wouldn’t the wildebeests avoid the lion instead of just running over it? I mean they voided the hyenas while stampeding just fine.
  • How did Simba now see Scar throw his father off the cliff?
  • Where did all the thorns on Banzai go?
  • How could Timon not tell what Simba was by just looking at him?
  • Pumbaa has really good ideas but no one ever believes in his.
  • Where did all of those teeth come from in Pumbaa’s mouth? I thought he only had one?
  • How many years has it been since Mufasa died?
  • How does Rafiki realize Simba is alive so fast?
  • How does Simba recognize Nala after all these years?
  • I love how much character development there is in this movie.
  • Timon and Pumbaa are so twitchy. They really need to calm down.
  • Why are there no other male lions in the pride?
  • Why is Nala so colorful compared to the other lionesses?
  • Why does it start raining right when SImba comes back?
  • Scar, you shouldn’t say just anything to get yourself out of situations.
  • I love how many times characters have their own lines turned against them.
  • Why doesn’t Kiara get a red line across her forehead like Simba did? Is it because she’s a girl?
June 15, 2013 11:38 am


hufflepuffinthetardis: Hello friend. Sorry for the delayed greeting but thanks for following me none the less. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Aw thanks so much! I hope you have a wonderful day too!


June 12, 2013 3:35 pm


Sorry it took so long to post. Enjoy.


  • Hercules was not Hera’s son
  • Hades is so sassy
  • Wow it took Zeus a little long to get his own joke
  • What are Pain and Panic? I mean what kind of demons are they?
  • A but. There’s always a but.
  • How are they still alive? Hercules is only breathing in and Pegasus is breathing out.
  • Seriously? He didn’t drink a teeny tiny drop and he keeps his super strength?
  • Zeus did not lead the gods on a frantic search. He sent them on a frantic search.
  • Do they really need that much hay?
  • You’d think that Hercules would have learned to control his strength by now. He’s what, mid teens?
  • How do the boys not recognize Hercules when he picks up the discus? He’s the only ginger!
  • Wow those boys are really bad at the discus. They shouldn’t be playing discus near all those breakables anyway. There is plenty of open space for them.
  • They didn’t tell him he was adopted? They should have told him that as soon as he was old enough to understand.
  • And how did Hercules not figure out that he was adopted? It was kind of obvious.
  • Oh good job, scare the crap out of your son.
  • Hercules isn’t more freaked out about the talking statue?
  • Phil needs to learn to count.
  • Where did Hercules go to school?
  • Why is Phil destroying all his stuff?
  • He pointed at the wrong side for the heart.
  • It would suck to have to be the person who stood there and changed the walk sign every day.
  • They said they wanted a hero and one appears. Be grateful people!
  • Stop cutting of the heads idiot!
  • Why is Meg glad that Hercules won if she is working for Hades and he’s probably just going to take it out on her?
  • Are there no guards at Hercules house?
  • The painter had three arms…
  • He missed her? He has only seen her twice?
  • How did he reach up that high?
  • Why is Hercules so sure that Phil is lying to him about Meg? He never lied to him before.
  • How was her torso not instantly crushed?
  • He really thinks talking to him is going to help after he tried to kill him and his family?
June 4, 2013 11:19 pm

Hey everyone!

I have found myself with some extra time this summer and a Netflix full of Disney movies so I will be able to continue posting on this blog! Hope you all enjoy the posts!


May 21, 2013 3:52 pm


gibbotheginger: Could you leave the blog up for people to look through? Or is that too much of a problem? :)

Of course we can leave it up!

1:12 am

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December 12, 2012 2:29 pm


One of my top favorite Disney movies


  • How did Mother Gothel know what to sing?
  • Why didn’t she dig up the flower and take it home?
  • Where do all the flying lanterns go when their flames go out?
  • Why does Rapunzel have to sing?
  • How can Rapunzel do all that stuff with her hair?
  • How is her hair so strong?
  • How does she keep her hair clean?
  • Why doesn’t she just paint over the other paintings?
  • How is her hair so manageable?
  • All the guards look the same.
  • Will Rapunzel’s hair keep her young forever?
  • Mother Gothel is so mean.
  • How is Mother Gothel moving around so fast?
  • How did the guards train Maximus?
  • How would Flynn not have a concussion after getting hit in the head so many times?
  • Rapunzel reads so many books, how does she not know what a crown is?
  • I love Mother Gothel’s dress.
  • How can you smell brown?
  • I love the old man, he’s one of my favorite characters.
  • They should never show all of Rapunzel’s hair at once in one scene because it never looks long enough.
  • How does she wash her hair?
  • So her hair doesn’t EVER grow after it’s cut?
  • How heavy is her hair?
  • Her hair is way too short when they braid it.  Did they braid her hair into the braid in order to make it short enough?
  • How many injuries are there per year at the festival?
  • How did they hold up her hair with flowers?
  • Why wouldn’t the guards wonder who tied up Flynn Rider?
  • Rapunzel has really big eyes.
  • I love how the King and Queen know exactly what the guard’s nod meant.
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